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How to Get 6,000 Subscribers in 10 Months

Your Blog is Your Nerve Center

Your Blog is Your Nerve Center

If you’re a network marketer then you know that your blog is your nervous system. It’s a place where you want people to feel safe, warm and fuzzy. They get to know you and the barriers come crashing down. So it’s important to define who you are and what you talk about. But your blog is a waste of time if no one stops by to check out what it is that you’re saying.

Brian Clark wrote an interesting blog on 10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers and it really talks about some core principles.

  1. Giving Value
  2. Using Leverage
  3. Networking
  4. Narrow Focus

These core principles are really what you need to understand in order to be successful while building your brand through your blog.

I did want to touch on the networking principle because I feel that this is important to the success of your blog. If you want people to succeed you must help others succeed

Networking provides a platform for bloggers to get their content shared and even syndicated. The best way to network as a blogger even if you don’t know someone is to simply support them by leaving comments.

Blogging IS a social media strategy!

Leaving comments allows for these people, yes they ARE ACTUAL people, to get to know you a little bit and to hear what you have to say. But….

You must add value because on a blog every word counts.

Think about it, when you scroll down to leave a comment on a blog, you are “seeing” everyone who’s visited the site. If visitors start to notice YOU over and over again. So if you’re leaving lame comments, they’re going to think you’re lame. Not only will the blog visitors develop an opinion on who you are, but more importantly the blog owner will develop an opinion for you as well.

By adding value it will pique someone’s interest and the owner of the blog and the visitor will see you as someone worth interacting with and checking out.

Back to the networking principle. So what happens when you comment on someone’s blog and they see your comment as value added, they will return the favor and BAM!! You’ve got an internet conversation going.

At this stage, you can continue the conversation by visiting their blogs or you can even… “GASP”  pick up the phone and call them!! I think they’ll even answer too!

Anyways check this post out and discover how Brian Clark got 6,000 subscribers in 10 months and subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll receive some powerful ways to increase your network marketing success.

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