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AdvoCare MLM Review – Can AdvoCare Spark a Change in You?


Is AdvoCare worth A Salt?

This review is strictly an MLM review on AdvoCare’s business opportunity and whether or not it is worth looking at. I’ll focus on the leadership, compensation structure and whether or not their opportunity is duplicatable.

My first reaction to this opportunity is whoa! They got Drew Brees on this stuff? Well how much are they paying THIS GUY!!

Wow!! All I can say is that AdvoCare really knows how to attract the health conscious athletic types. I’m blown away at the celebrity endorsements they have on the website. Well, what is AdvoCare and AdvoCare Spark?

Seriously, third party credibility is fantastic. Let’s breakdown this opportunity to see if Brees is in it for the money or is REALLY using the product.

What is AdvoCare?

AdvoCare is basically like Herbalife. They are another health and wellness company capitalizing on the massive health and wellness industry. Obviously someone did their homework there and they’ve positioned themselves as a leader for a while, about 16 years ago.

They promote pills, powders and bars. These are great if you’re an athlete or if you’re looking to lose weight. AdvoCare Spark is an energy drink that has the same basic ingredients that you’ll find in any energy drink.

What makes AdvoCare different from all the rest?

At first glance it’s terribly difficult to tell, but when you start to peel away the onion, you realize that this company was positioned for the health and wellness industry a long time ago. They’ve spent time creating products focused on energy and performance with athletes. You can see that they are definitely targeting the sports and weight loss markets.

They really use the third party testimonial to gain credibility over everything that they do. That’s great, but that can’t be the only strategy. I’d like to see them promote the products more and really tell the consumer what it is that makes it different from Herbalife.

AdvoCare Leadership

You’re not going to find ANYTHING on the website, that’s for sure. Contact your AdvoCare rep for the inside scoop. What I will tell you is that their President and CEO has the experience that you want in a leader of a network marketing opportunity.

Richard Wright is a leader who has grown and lead a 1,000 person team in 37 states in four different countries. He’s training and expertise has allowed him to share the stage with Zig Ziglar.

Wright has even built and grown a business to $50 million in revenue and later sold it to become a part of AdvoCare’s leadership team. And he’s most likely squeaky clean because he most recently served as a “senior” staff member of a U.S. Congressmen. Good luck Googleing that!

AdvoCare Compensation Plan

1.    Retail Sales
2.    Wholesale
3.    Overrides
4.    Leadership Bonuses
5.    Incentives, Trips, and Pay-Period Bonuses

The AdvoCare compensation plan is your basic uni-level plan. It is based around the 3 leg retail volume structure. The money is in Overrides and Leadership Bonuses because this is paid out as a residual income. Just build a team and you can become rich.

There’s nothing about this plan that screams run, but there’s nothing in it that says join me either. It’s ok at best but the potential to earn is limitless, since this is a direct sales opportunity.

Want to learn more about the company in presentation form?

Check This Out

AdvoCareDo you want to make money in AdvoCare?

Well you’ve got to recruit and sponsor. Period. Oh yeah and you’ve got to duplicate your success. That’s pretty simple right? That’s why they have a ridiculous amount of Platinum level associates. Actually no.

So what’s wrong with Advocare’s opportunity? Well they’re setting their distributors up for failure. 95% of network marketers fail in this industry. That’s industry, not company, industry. So AdvoCare has its fair share of struggling marketers.

What I didn’t see anywhere on any Advocare websites or affiliate training websites was how to market. Not only how to market Advocare, but more importantly how to market THEMSELVES. Selling the dream is ok, but you’ve got to show people the path of how to get to that dream.

Advocare reps! You need to brand YOU, Inc. because that’s who people really join. If you’re going be going on the fancy trips to exotic lands, you need to be the person that is going to LEAD them there.

Leverage the internet to make sure you get your presentation in front of everyone, all the time. Really! You need to give at least 25 presentations per day. This is going to be the key to sponsoring 2-3 reps per day! That’s right per day!

Sorry for sounding hypey but I get excited sometimes. Anyways, you can prospect and recruit ONLY the people that are interested in YOUR business. Think about it, did Uncle Bob really want to lose weight and make money? Or was he just being nice to you?

Is this opportunity duplicatable?

No. Unless the distributors teach self-branding, promotion, social media marketing, content marketing and video marketing on autopilot, then no you will not be able to duplicate results. The variable here is the people you recruit and train.

Want a successful AdvoCare business? Recruit successful people. How do you find them? Let them find you. I’ll show you how.

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