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5Linx Compensation Plan Review

5Linx Compensation Plan Review

Gimme Gimmie Never Gets

Looking for The 5Linx Compensation Plan? Congratulations because You Found One

So after scouring the internet for an actual 5Linx compensation plan review, I discovered that no one actually gave the true details on it. But I’m giving you the real deal Holyfield. I think it was pretty lucky that I found a copy, but you’re in luck because you’ll get the full disclosure here.

If I were researching the 5Linx compensation plan I would want to know exactly what I was getting in to. So I did MY due diligence and I found a somewhat reliable resource regarding the 5Linx compensation plan.

I’m going to breakdown this compensation plan and I’ll tell you why I didn’t join 5Linx. Also check out my 5Linx MLM Review for more information on 5Linx.

Cost to Join 5Linx

Customer Representative$99 Enrollment Fee
Independent Marketing Representative (IMR)$499

Which level should you join at? If you’re seriously considering joining 5Linx, then you need to join at the IMR level. At the Customer Representative level, you are just a sales rep who earns commissions from sales.

You will not reap the benefits of an MLM. IMR’s reap the benefits of a full MLM with added responsibility to recruit, motivate and train. Don’t worry 5Linx provides an exceptional 30, 60, 90 day and 1 year road map to your success.

If you’re strapped for cash don’t fret, you can get to IMR by paying in at the $99 level and then sponsoring 1 IMR and selling 20 customer points. Qualifying as an IMR requires that you must maintain a 4 active customer points and they have to be outside of your household.

5Linx Distinguishes Two Different Customers

Select Customers – Select customers are one time customers that earn you a onetime commission. They’ll buy cell phone service or satellite TV services.

Residual Customers – The real money is in residual customers who are buy the Globalinx service, 5Linx security or web hosting. These customers pay a bill month over month and commissions will be based on their usage rates.


What Kind of Leader are You?

Leadership Ranking

After IMR you can rise up through the ranks of 5Linx by acquiring and maintaining different levels of customer points.

The rankings are as follows: Executive Trainer, Executive Director, National Director, Senior Vice President (SVP) and Platinum Senior Vice President (PSVP).

5Linx outlines a one year game plan to get you to Platinum Senior Vice President level. This is a road map to success. However, be wary that not everyone will ever come close to achieving something of this magnitude. We all need to maintain a realistic standard but also reach for the stars.

5Linx Commission Payouts

  1. Bounty Bonuses
  2. Monthly Residual
  3. Weekly Customer Acquisition Bonuses
  4. Open-line Promotional Bonuses
  5. Customer Bonus Pool
  6. Revenue Pool
  7. SVP Incentive Bonuses
  8. PSVP Pool

5 Linx Commission Structure

Personal commission is when you earn on personally acquired customers. Open-line commission is when you earn on customers made by other representatives within your downline that have not achieved the same rank as you.

Generational commission is when someone in your downline reaches your leadership level and you earn a percentage of their commission.

New York City

I just liked this picture. Go 5Linx! Woooo!!!

How Does 5Linx’ Commission/Bonus Payouts Work?

I’ll save all of the complexities for your light reading. If you want to take a look at the compensation plan, feel free. But here’s the low down of how everything works.

This is very complicated to the newbie and you should be overwhelmed, but good luck calculating a pay check when you get to a leadership level. Your trust is in the system at that point. Moving along….

Open-Line vs. Generational Payouts

Bonuses are bonuses, sell something earn something. The confusing part about this compensation plan is the open-line vs. generational payouts.

Open-line means that in 5Linx if you don’t have anyone that is at your equivalent rank, you are paid all of the commission for all of the levels in-between. SWEET!!

Example: (A => You B => Not Filled C => Not Filled D =>IMR) If D sells something, you get the commission that would have been paid from A, B and C.

Generational means that when you train and build someone up to the same leadership level as you and they are “underneath” you, that you cannot earn a high commission of sales that occur within both of your downlines.

So what’s the incentive? The incentive is that you both are sharing commission from the same customer points. Thus, you are both working together to make more money.

What’s the incentive for the upline with the equivalent rank? It isn’t very clear as to how an equally ranked member is treated in terms of commissions. But from what I gather, the compensation plan is really rewarding the highest ranking leaders for taking a large commission drop through the “pool” bonuses.

Here’s the thing though, with 5Linx it is in your best interest to move hard and fast because of the high failure rate in MLM, you’ll be able to earn a ton of override commissions. Just something to think about.


Why I Didn’t Join 5Linx

I didn’t join 5Linx because I didn’t feel like it was the right company for me. Yes there can be a good and a bad fit. It’s like finding a job you really like.

I will say this though, based on the compensation plan package, I loved the idea of a 30, 60, 90 day and 1 year road map to success. I also noticed something that I hadn’t noticed before and that was the “university” trainings that they had at each road map check point. This is absolutely critical in the success of each 5Linx representative.

The uncle Bob’s of the world will always quit on you early on. But you need to have them convert at least two “open positions” before they leave you. With 5Linx, this is increasingly a numbers game.

Why do I say that? Because you are trying to sell services that people already have. Selling services that people already have is a tough sell in my opinion.

Recruiting people to sell has to be extremely harder because not everyone understands technology. There is still a vast number of the population that doesn’t know how to use a computer. Crazy. I know.

Another reason why I didn’t join was because I didn’t like how confusing the compensation plan was. It just worries me that there are people who are not being paid properly and it’s going to show with complex calculations like the ones in the plan.

5 Linx Compensation Plan Review: The Conclusion

5Linx is still an excellent company, with exceptional services and great products. The leadership is high quality and they do have training modules designed to develop their downlines. However, the compensation plan still doesn’t address the true answer and that is, how much money can I make and how much will I make at each level? I would call 5Linx to get that answer.

Want to get to Platinum Senior Vice President in the shortest amount of time possible?

You’ll need a system that brands you as leader, so that people are coming to you to join 5Linx. You’ll need 25 – 100 leads per day and you need to sponsor 20 – 30 people per month. Impossible? Not when you leverage the internet.

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Yours Truly,
5Linx Compensation Plan Review

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  • Terrific blog, many interesting details. I recall four of days ago, I have viewed a similar blog. Does someone know how to track future posts?

    • Mark Gubuan

      Yes. Subscribe to my RSS feed. You’ll find it at the top left hand corner.


  • Mario

    Good blog.! Whats ur opinion on acn.? (just asking)

  • Darrell Williams

    I am looking at this page through internet explorer and there is a ‘share bar” right in the middle of the page that I cannot get rid of.

  • Ccm is a young company, but our compensation plan blows 5linx out the water. Its not mandatory to sell a certain service.

  • your daddy

    so you had to knock one business to get yours started. hope you make it. oh yea i guess its not for everyone. i guess my house is a scam house, just like my two scam cars, and my scam vacation. your a joke.

  • your daddy

    excuse me my scam vacations. oh yea i guess my money is scam money too. lol gots to love people.

  • Thanks for the great review. I have been in the 5LINX opportunity for the past three years and I hate to see so many people make a brash judgment on a business that they have never even investigated fully.

  • James

    After comparing many compensation plans against 5 linx. I have found that this ompany called FHTM is by far the best. They seem To pay a much larger percentage on their services. They also pay people on the entire bill to unlimited levels. They also pay a customer acquisition bonus that at the first level of promotion is higher than 5 linx pays its SVP’s. From what I can tell if a new rep in FHTM has 10 customers and grows a team of 12. Then he or she will receive up to $200 for every one that joins their team and gets 5 customers of their own. Meanwhile they will be getting payed a percentage off the entire bill that they got.
    I took the time to compare many compensation plans before deciding which company to join. I also did a lot of research on the credibility of the owners and staff. I found that FHTM is privately owned by a man named Paul Orberson. I found out that he is to this day the highest monthly earner to have done network marketing. Earning over a million dollars a month for some time with a company called Excel. Through my research I discovered why their compensation plan is better than any others. It seems that this Paul Orberson pays himself minimum wage and puts the majority of the money back into the compensation plan. I did my research through the DSA. The Dsa says that FHTM is the 2nd fastest growing company on the planet. That means that they are going into ” EXPEDENTIAL GROWTH”
    Although I have nothing negative to say about 5LInx, I just find that joining FHTM would be the wise thing to do for my family.
    Please tell Mark ” Thank you for taking time to share your business with my wife and I. But I respectfully decline”
    I am meeting with an FHTM representative this afternoon and signing up with his team.
    Thank you!
    James Hicks….

  • Lucia

    I am a 5Linx ED. The compensation plan has been great, but the weekly bonuses are what really gets me excited.
    I also have owned my own company for almost 10 years. It runs itself for the most part at this point. I will be 30 this year. I saw the 5Linx presentation as well as know an SVP personally, who is a little older than I and who is ranked 26th in the top income earners in this industry and so thought to myself “why not!”
    What makes this even better is the support from your teammates, the information and help from those before you… It’s so much FUN! Our organization is about to go Platinum! What an incredible feeling!
    Just thought I’d share :)

    • Mark Gubuan

      Hi Lucia! Thanks for sharing. Yes 5Linx is a great opportunity. I’m glad you are sticking with it.

  • Howard

    So Mark the way for a IMR to get paid is to get people ( for example someone has a Sprint cell bill to sign up threw there 5link web site ( the IMR site ) paying the same Sprint bill and the IMR receive a commission and if that is correct what is the incentive for the Sprint customer to come over to the IMR ( 5 Link site is there is a incentive —– help trying to understand Howard

    • Mark Gubuan

      Hey Howard,

      Check this out bud, I’m not in 5Linx so I can’t give you details on how that works. I recommend that you get with your Customer Support line and ask them.


      • Howard

        Hey, Mark thanks for your response have a good day

        • Mark Gubuan


          Sorry I couldn’t have been of more help. Make today a great one! :)

  • Tom

    have a nice day

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